E-Crane Team Building Event: ‘Safety is the Target we Aim For’

Earlier this month, E-Crane USA held its first annual Team Building Outing. This was the first ever event which brought together every single E-Crane USA employee at the same time. Team members from the Columbus (Ohio) Solutions Center, Texas Service Center and Gulf Coast Service Center all met at the company headquarters in Galion, Ohio for several days full of activities.

The theme of the week was safety. At E-Crane, safety is the number one priority. It is important that all employees understand how to act safely, not only while in a work environment, but also in their daily lives outside of work.

The week’s activities reflected this theme, and started off with a day of safety discussions and training. Meetings and training were held on Wednesday in the Training Center in the Galion, OH office. All service technicians attended Rigger and Signal Training and got their certifications which will be used in several upcoming E-Crane installations.

Thursday afternoon all employees headed to a shooting range for team building activities with safety in mind. The day began with instructions and safety briefing given by Aaron Bennet. Employees split into groups to take part in several activities: handgun shooting, trap shooting, archery, and rifle shooting. These activities were intended to give employees a chance to exercise safe practices, all while in a fun setting. While at a shooting range, there is lots of dangerous equipment around, but with safety precautions and well informed people, guns can be handled in a safe way. Personnel must always be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. This is a metaphor for what E-Crane service technicians do every day, working in environments that have the potential to be dangerous. However, with proper training and safety precautions these activities can be safely completed.

Friday, all employees gathered back in the Training Center, for employee recognition and presentations. Josiah Justice was recognized for his outstanding work ethic as a new employee and service technician. Dan Shaw was given the “Excellence” award for his dedication to the company and years as the Parts Manager for E-Crane USA. Steve Osborne, Mark Osborne and Steve Suter also gave presentations on sales and an outlook into the upcoming projects for E-Crane in 2017.

The week was a successful learning experience and team building activity for all employees. Team Building events like this will become an annual tradition for E-Crane USA.

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