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May 2015

E-Crane Presence in Indonesia

With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing balance cranes, E-Crane has undoubtedly reached a market leading position in the industry.  E-Crane is a proven and trusted solution in the coal handling industry and has been the ideal solution at many ports and terminals for barge loading and unloading, ship loading and unloading, and stockpiling.

While each project is different, the modular and flexible design of the E-Crane makes it ideal for any coal handling operation.  More and more E-Crane users are beginning to see the benefits of E-Crane such as higher reliability and longer lifespan.  These benefits can eliminate bottlenecks and logistics problems at terminals while handling material at a low cost per ton.

Recently, companies in Indonesia have been realizing these benefits, with two E-Cranes already commissioned and two more to be installed later this year.

PT Vale

PT Vale 081114 (9)A 1500 Series / Model 9317B+ CR-D E-Crane has already been installed and commissioned at PT Vale as a part of a port expansion project on the island of Sulawesi (Soroako). The E-Crane is crawler mounted, and unloads coal from vessels into a stockpile with an 8m3 hydraulic clamshell bucket. The E-Crane has a maximum outreach of 31.7 meters and a maximum duty cycle capacity of 15.0 Mton.

Type 1500 Series / 9317B+ CR-D
Location Sulawesi (Soroako), Indonesia
Application Coal
Mount Crawler
Lift Capacity 15.0 Mton
Reach 31.7 m
Attachment 8.0 m3
Power Source 250 kW Electric Motor

PT Holcim Tuban

PT Holcim Tuban has also already realized the benefits of E-Crane, with a 1500 Series / Model 9382B GA-E installed in 2012 for handling coal and gypsum. PT Holcim is located on the island of Java (Tuban) and the rail mounted E-Crane was installed as a part of a greenfield project to unload material from barges up to 15.000 DWT. The E-Crane as a maximum outreach of 38.2 meters and a maximum duty cycle capacity of 12.0 Mton.

Type 1500 Series / 9382B GA-E
Location Java (Tuban), Indonesia
Application Coal, Gypsum
Mount Rail
Lift Capacity 12.0 Mton
Reach 38.2 m
Attachment 6.25 m3(coal), 4.0 m3 (gypsum)
Power Source 250 kW Electric Motor


A 2000 Series / Model 18264 PD-E E-Crane is currently en route to Indonesia to be installed and commissioned later this year. Bayan currently unloads coal using two ship’s cranes. They were looking to replace these cranes because of their high maintenance costs, low reliability, and low hourly capacity. Both cranes will be replaced with a single E-Crane, with 26.4 meters of outreach and 24.0 Mton duty cycle capacity.

Type 2000 Series / 18264 PD-E
Location Kalimantan, Indonesia
Application Coal
Mount Pedestal
Lift Capacity 24.0 Mton
Reach 26.4 m
Attachment 17.0 m3
Power Source 450 kW Electric Motor

PT Semeru Surya Semen

Also en route to Indonesia is a 1500 Series / Model 9317B+ PD-E E-Crane for PT Semeru Surya Semen, a greenfield cement plant near Balikpapan on the island of Kalimantan. The E-Crane has a maximum outreach of 31.7 meters and a maximum duty cycle capacity of 15.0 Mton and is used for unloading cement clinker, gypsum, and limestone from barges into a hopper.

Type 1500 Series / 9317B+ PD-E
Location Kalimantan, Indonesia
Application Cement Clinker, Gypsum, Limestone
Mount Pedestal
Lift Capacity 15.0 Mton
Reach 31.7 m
Attachment 6.0 m3
Power Source 250 kW Electric Motor

“E” For Equilibrium

The “E” in E-Crane stands for Equilibrium. The E-Crane design is based on an ingenious parallelogram style boom that provides a direct mechanical connection between the counterweight and the load.  This unique 4 bar mechanism system ensures that the E-Crane remains in near perfect balance throughout its working range.  Compared to conventional cranes that require as much as 80% of their available energy just to move the boom, stick, and grab, the E-Crane makes gravity work for you instead of against you, reducing horsepower requirements and power consumption by up to 50% and significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs.

E-Cranes provide longer outreach ranges than typical material handlers, from 24.8 to 47.8 meters (82 to 157 feet). This outreach allows for unloading any type of barge or ship with minimum cleanup. E-Crane duty cycle capacity ranges from 5 to 50 metric tons (5.5 to 55 US tons). Although E-Cranes are compatible with any type of grab, E-Crane’s clamshell buckets are designed with a powerful closing force affording maximum fill and eliminating spills and carry-back.  E-Crane cabs are equipped with a state-of-the-art control system for easy machine operation which builds operator confidence, reduces, cycle times, and maximizes productivity.

About Our Company

E-Crane Worldwide is a modern, state-of-the-art engineering and heavy equipment construction company, based in Adegem, Belgium and with subsidiary companies for sales management, technical support and service in The Netherlands (E-Crane International Europe) and Ohio, USA (E-Crane International USA). E-Crane is currently establishing an Indonesian subsidiary to further increase its after service sales capabilities. E-Crane Worldwide develops turnkey material handling solutions with engineering services, equipment manufacturing, erection, operator/maintenance training and custom tailored on-going service programs for our clients.

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