ECI-USA 1 Assembly Complete in Galion, OH USA

The assembly of ECI-USA 1 E-Crane is now complete outside of the workshop in Galion, OH. Steve Suter and crew completed the assembly in 2.5 days.

Congratulations to the E-Crane USA Service & Parts Departments:

  • Steve Suter
  • Dan Shaw
  • Bryan Boyd
  • Josh Mullins
  • Adam Enders
  • John Shuty
  • Mark McFann
  • Alex Slandzicki

Thanks to Jackie LaRue for all the photos. Thanks to Indusign for the giving us the opportunity to have this crane… we will make the most of it. Thanks to the rest of the ECI-USA staff for all your hard work. This crane is a result of 10+ years of hard work by ECI-USA and we now look forward to many more cranes in our future.

We will be working on getting the crane operational later in August for our first Open House in October.


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