E-Crane® Training for İÇDAŞ Engineers

E-Crane organized in cooperation with our customer İÇDAŞ (Turkey) a one week technical training program. Four experienced and motivated İÇDAŞ engineers with different technical background came to E-Crane for the Advanced Training Program. E-Crane instructors created a well-balanced program with the necessary variation in training content.

A brief overview of the different training modules that were given during this training week is found herewith.

Day 1

We started with some general information about the E-Crane concept and different benefits of the product. The second part of the training was a detailed “Guided Tour on the E-Crane” with a lot of emphasis on the correct identification of the different components found on the machine. The theoretical part in the classroom was combined with a more practical part in the workshop at Adegem, Belgium.

Day 2

The second day started with the “Basic Operator Training” and included following topics:

  • the different crane controls found in the operators cab
  • the EMM display in the operators cab, including a detailed study of the information available to the crane driver
  • information on how to work with the E-Crane (start sequence, grab/tool change, etc.)

Training continued with in depth study of all maintenance tasks and this all according to the “E-Crane Maintenance Table”. These tasks include:

  • VISUAL INSPECTIONS: oil levels different components, oil cooler clean lineless, etc.
  • LUBRICATION: grab suspension, quick change, bearings, etc.
  • OIL CHANGE: splitter box, swing drive, hydraulic oil, etc.
  • MECHANICAL WORKS: filter replacements, sample oils, torque on bolts, etc.
  • ELECTRIC WORKS: E-Stop check, electric swivel, etc.

Day 3

Day 3 started with the “Advanced Electric and Hydraulic Training”-module. Explanations covered component coding and references used in the schematics. During the training there was a lot of focus on how to order spare-parts according to the references found in both the electric and hydraulic diagrams.

Day 4

After three days of training the İÇDAŞ engineers it was time to see how maintenance is done at other scrap yards. A visit to the scrap company Van Heyghen Recycling (part of Group Galloo) in the port of Ghent was helpful to further understand correct maintenance techniques. At this scrap yard several E-Cranes are handling all kinds of scrap. In the afternoon a visit to the historical city center of Bruges helped to digest all the information gathered during the previous days!

Day 5

This last day of training started with “EMM Training” using the test bench in our training E-Crane center. This “hands on” training allows the trained E-Crane engineers to carry out detailed diagnostics, trouble shooting and repairs (!) using the HMI-interface on the crane.

Towards the end of an intensive training week, the İÇDAŞ engineers took a test covering all aspects of the training they received. All four technicians successfully ended this Advance E-Crane training and received their well-deserved training certificates.

E-Crane would like to use this opportunity to congratulate all the participants of the training for their genuine interest, the excellent cooperation and very valuable feedback. Also we want to thank the İÇDAŞ management for investing in the advanced training of their technical staff. We are convinced that this initiative is beneficial for both our companies!


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