E-Crane receives repeat order from Van Heyghen Recycling (Group Galloo)

Ghent, Belgium:  Two years after the installation of the first BIG E-Crane to offload Panamax-size vessels at the Van Heyghen Recycling export terminal in the harbor of Ghent, Belgium, E-Crane is proud to announce that they have now received the order for a second identical unit.

In the past, the scrap loading, unloading and stockpiling operations on the dock were carried out by contracted large rubber tired mobile harbor cranes. Now that the first E-Crane has proven itself for several years and has passed numerous tests verifying reliability and hourly production rates with flying colors, it is time to move forward again. The first E-Crane has realized ship loading rates that were 100% higher (!) when compared with the mobile harbor cranes. The filling factor of the 12 m3/15 yd3 grab with fast opening and closing times also provides a substantial contribution in achieving these unsurpassed loading and unloading rates.

The E-Crane at Van Heyghen has shown us clearly that the loading of scrap into large ocean going vessels on our export terminal at Ghent could be done with more efficiency, with increased safety and in a more economical manner when compared with the past. With the investment in a second dock side E-Crane we can offer our worldwide clientele better service and we can optimize the use of our quay by substantially reducing vessel loading times.

Rik Debaere – CEO “Galloo Group”

The delivery of this second big E-Crane, the fourth E-Crane on the terminal, is planned for the third quarter of 2012.


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