E-Crane Rally Team at “Omloop van Vlaanderen” Rally in and round Roeselare

Newsflash : September 7th 2002 : E-Crane™ Rally Team : VIP’s during the Rally weekend “Omloop van Vlaanderen”.

Indusign people from both workshop and office and sponsors were invited as VIPs to encourage the E-Crane™ Rally Team driver and co-pilot during the Rally weekend in and round Roeselare, Belgium.

Picture Left : The E-Crane Rally Team in action !,
Right Picture : The VIPs : from left to right : Jean-Marie, Lieven, Jan, Pedro, Sven,Cyriel,Anja, Adriaan, Virginia, Alexander and Stefan)

Due the bad weather (a lot of rain) many cars went of the track, but the E-Crane™ Rally Team did stay in the race ! For rankings and more information browse to the E-Crane Rally Website at www.ecrane-rally-team.tk

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