E-Crane: modern solutions for the cement industry

With a growing market presence in recent years, E-Crane has quickly become a major name in balance cranes around the world. The E-Crane has proven to be successful in the cement industry, with multiple sales and successes throughout Europe, North America, and especially Asia. Last month, we discussed the significant success of E-Crane in the Asian market. This month, we will be focusing on a more specific part of that market: the cement industry. E-Crane has proven time and time again that it can offer tailor-made solutions for that industry.

As discussed last month, the region in which E-Crane Worldwide has proven to be very successful is Bangladesh. In 2011 and 2012, E-Crane completed the installation of nine cranes for the cement industry in Bangladesh. Many customers did not order just one crane to operate at their facility, but two or even more. This is no surprise since the E-Crane is an ideal solution for handling not only cement, but also scrap and other bulk materials.

Among the companies which ordered an E-Crane during that period are the Bashundhara Group and Premier Cement Mills Limited (PCML). Two 1000 Series/Model 7264B E-Cranes were commissioned for the Bashundhara Group. Both cranes have a maximum outreach of 26.4 metres (86ft) and handle material for a grinding mill with a total capacity of 3,500 tonnes/day. Premier Cement Mills Limited purchased two 700 Series/Model 4264 PD-E E-Cranes with a 26 metre (86ft) outreach and 5.5 metric tonnes (6.0 US ton) duty cycle capacity.

Also, in July of 2012, Madina Cement installed a brand new 700 series E-Crane to handle cement for a grinding mill with a total capacity of 4,200 tonnes/day and a conveyor capacity of 500tph (tonnes per hour). This is not the end of the success stories in the cement industry for E-Crane Worldwide: the company expects a significant increase of its share in the Asian market in the years to come.

Source: Dry Cargo International, May 2013


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