E-Crane launches the ‘myE-Crane’ app

Next Generation Service Logistics

E-Crane International USA, Inc. is proud to announce the roll out of the “myE-Crane Application”.  This simple to use application works with a smartphone and keeps the equipment operator, maintenance technicians and management staff up to date and informed IN REAL TIME.

The goal is to allow direct communication from the E-Crane operator to the E-Crane company service group.  All communication and actions are data based, preventing miscommunication.

A secure iPad located in the operator cab lets the operator report a problem with the click of a button.  This creates a service ticket and immediately notifies management and technicians assigned to that E-Crane.  All communication between the operator and technician is recorded and tracked, along with any spare parts that are added to the ticket.  If the issue requires E-Crane service personnel on site, the application even tracks the technician location and sends a notification when the technician is on site.  Once a ticket is closed out, all data is stored as a report within the app.

This ensures that everyone associated with the E-Crane is well informed, and all services are tracked and reported.  This will completely streamline the technician deployment process, shorten response time, reduce down time and provide instant reports for our E-Crane customers.

E-Crane is always looking for ways to improve and achieve solutions for our customers, and the “myE-Crane” application is another step toward even better customer service.

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