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May, 2015

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In 2015, E-Crane® proudly announced the launch of a new product line: the E-Handler®.

EH900 CR-D_Model 7290The E-Handler® is designed specifically for high production material handling, and comes in both the EH900 and EH1200 Series. The E-Handler® is a versatile machine, which is available on a fixed pedestal lower, rails, crawler or barge mounted lower. All E-Handlers® are electrically powered, with a diesel genset option for mobile equipment. The E-Handler® has many advantages including low operating costs, long term reliability, low maintenance costs, long term durability, long outreach, and quiet, ergonomic operation.

The EH900 Series consists of six different models with up to 31.7m (104′) outreach and up to 13.6 Mton (15.0 USton) capacity.


Outreach Capacity
Meters Feet Mton USton
EH8248 24.8 81.5 13.6 15.0
EH8264 26.4 86.5 13.0 14.3
EH7290 29.0 95.1 10.5 11.6
EH6317 31.7 104.0 10.6 11.7

The EH1200 Series consists of two models with up to 31.7m (104′) outreach and up to 19.4 Mton (21.2 USton) capacity.


Outreach Capacity
Meters Feet Mton USton
EH11290 29.0 95.1 19.1 20.9
EH10317 31.7 104.0 19.4 21.1

As a result of E-Crane’s continuously improving production efficiency, the new E-Handler® can be delivered within three months of order and all models are very competitively priced. This new product has ensured E-Crane’s position as a leading supplier in the material handling market. Lieven Bauwens, Executive Director of E-Crane Worldwide, states, “Our new crane is an absolute ‘must’ for scrap businesses which are looking to improve their efficiency.”

E-Handler (Large)

Source: Magazine Dry Cargo International October issue






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