An early Christmas present for “De Kruiskenshoeve”

E-Crane donates brand new refrigerator

Mr. Robert Acoe, founder of "Kruiskenshoeve" was very happy with the new fridge. It was donated by E-Crane. From left to right: Filip Van Cauwenberghe, Bart Matthys, Robert Accoe, Lieven Bauwens. “De Kruiskenshoeve”, a non-profit charity organization, is a small residence where young, troubled adults stay to recover and reflect on their actions and choices. After they have had time to clear their minds and make positive changes, they return home, go back to school and continue participating in normal community life.

Founder and head of “Kruiskenshoeve” is Mr. Robert Accoe, a retired policeman for the Belgian judicial police, department of youth criminal investigation. During his career, he was confronted with many young adolescents stuck on the wrong path.

When the home of Mr. Accoe’s parents became available, he decided this was an ideal place to accept young adults who needed second chances, and his dream became a reality The focus of the facility is to teach these adolescents to take responsibility. The young adults do the daily chores themselves (feed animals, clean stables, paint, chop wood, etc.) and they also get the opportunity to practice sports.

A new refrigerator

The E-Crane team received a gift from Mr. Accoe: a nutcracker, as a symbol for the youngsters who have "hard nuts to crack" when returning to normal community life. From left to right: Filip Van Cauwenberghe, Bart Matthys, Robert Accoe, Lieven Bauwens. Previously, “Kruiskenshoeve” had worked together with other local charities, but over the years, it has grown out into an independent charity. All financial and material support is still welcome.

Last Friday, Mr. Robert Accoe gladly accepted the donation of a new refrigerator by E-Crane. Mr. Van Cauwenberghe (of E-Crane) was there to deliver the appliance:

“I’m delighted to be able to donate – it’s clear that you put in a lot of effort to get kids back on the right path to make the community a better place. I wish you all good luck with the project and I hope the new fridge will help give some comfort in the hot summer days.”

Renovation of the barn

Mr. Accoe also shared some pleasant news. A part of the barn on the facility had been in very bad condition and was in need of repair. Renovations and repairs are always a part of the daily schedule of the adolescents living at the facility, but most of the time repairs have to wait until there is money available. This urgently needed renovation is now complete! One part of the barn has become bicycle parking, and the other is now a workshop where the bicycles can be repaired.

Mr. Accoe thanks the people of E-Crane and specifically Mr. Van Cauwenberghe for the donation.

Source: Vrij Maldegem, November 14th, 2012
Raoul Van Hulle

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