Acquisition of Polish “Famaba”by Belgian E-Crane®/Indusign

The E-Crane® Group of Companies, leading manufacturer of cranes for handling bulk materials, has succeeded in the acquisition of the Polish company ‘Famaba’, an ISO9001 certified company with 275 employees and revenues exceeding 20 million USD/16 million EURO in the year 2011. Another milestone in E-Crane’s ambitious business plan has been reached.

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”famaba” align=”center” type=”simple”]Lieven Bauwens (Chairman of the Board, E-Crane Group of Companies) & Koen Baeten (New Managing Director Famaba E-Towers)[/frame]

With this acquisition, E-Crane® fully owns a strategic supplier of high grade steel constructions for the crane industry while at the same time, Famaba stays an important European player in the market for foundations and towers for wind turbines.

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”famaba” align=”left” type=”simple”][/frame]Within the E-Crane® Group, Famaba will be operating as a fully independent unit. The already excellent cooperation between the E-Crane® organization and Famaba will be optimized and intensified. It is expected that in the short term this will result in a substantial increase in the capacity for assembling harbor cranes in Adegem as well as important savings in several logistics processes.

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”famaba” align=”right” type=”simple”]Famaba Workshop[/frame]

This acquisition guarantees employment for E-Crane® personnel at the Adegem (Belgian) assembly facility. Depending on market conditions, a further expansion is under consideration. The board and management of the E-Crane® Group of Companies stay committed to keeping and even increasing employment at the Adegem facility as well as at the Dutch and US based subsidiaries despite the tough economic conditions.

For further information regarding this acquisition, please contact E-Crane®/Indusign (Tel.: +32 93 780 444).

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About Famaba

With a team of 300 dedicated steelworkers, Famaba focuses on the production of mid- and large-sized steel constructions:

  • Wind towers
  • Secondary steel for offshore wind turbines
  • Welded/machined steel components for harbour and mobile cranes
  • Other steel constructions, such as: overhead cranes, chimneys, tubular constructions, industrial buildings



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