700 Series E-Crane Feeding Shredder at Nucor Steel

A 700 Series, Model 4264 E-Crane was recently installed at Nucor Steel Jackson in Flowood, Mississippi for the purpose of feeding auto-bodies into a shredder. The E-Crane replaced an old Seram crane that had been previously feeding the shredder. The new E-Crane has a duty cycle capacity of 6 US tons (5.5 metric tons) and an outreach of 86 feet (26 meters). Equipped with a Young 3×2 bypass grapple, the E-Crane is capable of feeding 2 to 3 auto-bodies into the shredder per cycle.

The installation began during the week of June 18 and included the tear-down of the old Seram crane as well as the installation of the new E-Crane. Installation was complete July 2nd and the E-Crane became operational shortly after.

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About Nucor Steel Jackson

Nucor Steel Jackson, Inc,., is a member of the Nucor Bar Mill Group, a world class producer of merchant bar, and reinforcing bar products. General Recycling of Mississippi, LLC, also a part of the Nucor-Jackson division, is the largest scrap recycler in the area. The mill has been operating for over five decades, serving customers across North America.

Nucor Steel Jackson Website



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