2006 Materials Handling Seminar

September 13, 2006

6500 Doubletree Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43229

American Electric Power (AEP) invites some preferred vendors to their annual meeting and technical Seminars to familiarize their personnel with their vendors and to offer an opportunity to socialize in a less formal manner than at a regular business meeting. ECI was selected to participate in the exhibition. Some vendors also give technical presentations to inform and familiarize AEP personnel with new technologies and methods.

ECI gave a technical presentation 2 years ago before delivering the first E-crane to the Tanners Creek Plant.

This time ECI was invited to exhibit. The experiences with the Tanners Creek E-Crane® will be discussed on the second day of the meeting among AEP personnel only.

AEP and ECI have enjoyed a very cordial and successful commercial and technical relationship.

3 E-cranes have been installed at AEP facilities so far: AEP Tanners Creek, AEP Mitchell and AEP Mountaineer which is being installed right now.

2 plants ( AEP Cardinal and AEP Kyger Creek ) will receive their E-cranes in 2007, more projects are in the planning stage.

Several operators and plant personnel form the Mountaineer, Cardinal and Kyger Creek plants stopped by the exhibit and expressed their eagerness and excitement to see “their” E-crane®.

ECI is grateful for the opportunity to participate and to be part of the preferred vendor group and wishes AEP lasting success.

Our special thanks to Tom Zelina, Glenn Beachy, Jim Kuo and Swadhin Chakraborti.


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