Schelde-Natie chooses E-Crane

Since August 1899, Schelde-Natie has been active in the quality control and the handling of grains. By bringing together the most experienced persons within this sector, Schelde-Natie has grown to become the biggest Belgian controlling company in the sector “Grains, derivatives and vegetable oils” (ca. 4 miljons of tons per year). They’ve also conquered a vast market share in the controlling of cocoa broad beans.

Since 1998, Schelde-Natie is “Member of the Schutter-group”, a Dutch control concern with plants all over the world. This allows them to control a ship both on departure and upon arrival. For over 30 years, Schelde-natie is in charge of discharging seads at the Cargill Plant – Quay 506 in Antwerp.

In cooperation with Cargill, Schelde-Natie realised a new project, which goal is to yearly discharge 575.000 tons of colza. To achieve this objective, the old grain elevators were replaced by a new Equilibrium Crane with grab for off-loading vessels and a “bulkflow” for discharging trains. Through numerous references and visits to several Equilibrium Cranes the choice for the E-Crane® was rapidly made. The E-Crane® was no stranger to the Cargill Group either, while these cranes for many years already are proving there reliability at the Cargill plants in Houston (Texas,USA) and Savage (Minnesota, USA).

The E-Crane® guaranties long lifespan, low energy- and maintenance costs, is easy to maintain and user-friendly. E-Crane can lean on a world-wide support network and offers its clients flexibility, involvement and an efficient service throughout.

Mr. Van Raemdonck, manager at Schelde-Natie, cited the following: “The main benefits that the E-Crane® offers Schelde-Natie are the enormous savings on energy and maintenance costs. Moreover the E-Crane generates far less noise than the former grain elevators. The lifespan is another big plus when comparing with most of the competition. Even though our crane-operator wasn’t used to working with an equilibrium crane with rigid boom , he could quickly and easily adjust to it.”

About the collaboration with E-Crane® Worldwide and the project progress, Mr. Van Raemdonck added: “The pre-study, engineering and implementation succeeded each other seamlessly. Even adjustments after the design was completed could be implemented on our demand without any problem. We have been involved in detail in the process, at every step of the way: the construction, the assembly, the mounting. E-Crane’s achievement can best be summarised in one word: ‘Professional !’ ”.

Schelde-Natie hosted a grand event for the inauguration of their new off loading quay, on Monday 18th September, in Antwerp. The reception was attended by Mr. Dirk Van Mechelen, Minister of Transport. Before the guests savoured the international buffet, they could listen to several interesting speeches, from Mr. Francis Bruyneel, General Manager Schelde-Natie, Mr. Eddy Bruyninckx, Managing Director of Havenbedrijf Antwerpen, Mr. Fons Maes from the Cargill Group, and Mr. Frank Van Raemdonck, manager at Schelde-Natie. Helicopter flights over the new Schelde-Natie site added an adventurous touch to the evening.
Nice words were said about the E-Crane, and E-Crane Worldwide is proud to be a part of this success story. For sure, many more of these are to follow in the future.

The picture above: 1000 Series E-Crane at Schelde-Natie, Antwerp, Belgium


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