• DISCOVER ALL THE BENEFITS of the unique balanced design

    The ORIGINAL balanced crane

    E‑Crane®, over 30 years of experience in manufacturing the original balanced cranes. Discover all the benefits of the unique balanced design.

  • DISCOVER ALL THE BENEFITS of the unique balanced design

    Why our balanced design is the green alternative

    Lowest operating power = lowest cost per offloaded ton

What our customers say

“With the E‑Crane® new direct transshipment barge-to-ship, we no longer need to transfer the cargo to a warehouse on land. This saves time compared to other terminals.”

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Mr. Jorge Zanatta,

“With the E‑Crane® we’re saving up to 50% in time compared to the old situation using cable cranes.”

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Rik Debaere,
Group Galloo Recycling

“The site equipment startup was quite good. It would be great if all of our equipment was working as well as the E‑Crane®!”

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Tom Crawshaw – Project Manager,
Murray Energy Corporation

E‑Crane®, Manufacturer of High Production Bulk Material & Scrap Cranes


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