Galloo France

Menen, Belgium

  • 1000 Series E-Crane on crawlers at Galloo France

Description of the E-Crane

During the last phase of an ambitious expansion program, the Galloo Group has put a second E-Crane® into service at their Menen/Halluin scrap yard. The integration of this machine was carefully considered. At the end of 1999, a unit became available and the decision was taken to put a second E-Crane® into service.

Based on the great experience we have had with our first E-Crane® and the flexibility it brings to our operation, we had to take advantage of this opportunity. The reliability and durability of this product is considerably longer than the more traditional material handling equipment. Also, because of the fact that a mobile, crawler mounted E-Crane® is driven by a generator set, we can use shore power when feeding our shear ‒ an important economic advantage!

Rik DebaereCEOGalloo Group

The crane is used to feed a shear. In close cooperation with E-Crane® Worldwide, the crane was dismantled, transported and carefully erected. A new overload system was mounted and a new scrap grab was delivered. This scrap grab was built according to detailed customer specifications and successfully commissioned.

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