World Port Development reports: Climbing out of depression

World Port Development reports on how the bulk industry is climbing out of the depression faster than expected, thereby creating a lot of opportunities for cargo handling equipment manufacturers.

In the meantime, we report on soe of the cargo handling equipment manufactureres and their achievements in 2009.


Despite the global economic situation, E-Crane’s activities have not been slowed down in any way. Orders keep on coming, lots of ports and terminals need to invest in reliable, durable new material handling equipment to replace one or more older cranes. E-Crane installed a floating coal handling terminal at the Charles R Lowman Power Station in Alabama, on behalf of PowerSouth, to offload coal from incoming barges. A 2000 Series all electric E-Crane was installed with the ability to offload 1,500 tonnes of installed power. The company also provided the barge, receiving hopper, assisting jib crane, and barge moving system. In October, E-Crane installed a scrap handling machine at the Van Heyghen Recycling (part of the Group Galloo Recycling) scrap processing plant in Ghent, Belgium. This crane has a lifting capacity of 30 tonnes in grab mode (and 40 tonnes in hook mode) and an outreach of 38.2m. The crane has been built on a high gantry on rails, and is especially designed to be able to also drive through bends. Other special design features are the moveable operator cab (ensuring optimum visibility for the crane operators), camera system, 50-tonnes grab rotator for the 12m3 grab and quick change system.

Source: World Port Development (Issue November/December 2009)


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