Training sessions future E-Crane operators for AEP Amos plant

E-Crane International USA just completed 3 training sessions with AEP operators from the Amos Plant. The 1500B Series E-Crane for the Amos plant is the 7th E-Crane in a row ordered by AEP. And the 8th E-Crane for AEP, again a 1500B Series, is being built as we speak for AEP’s Clifty Creek plant.

Don, Jack

Amos used to work with a Metso crane, but needed to tear that one down after a failure, and to the operators’ benefit they purchased an E-Crane equilibrium crane. One of the services E-Crane International USA provides is a full in-house training in their offices in Ohio for the operators that will work with the E-Crane later on.

Four groups were scheduled for training, 3 of them 4 training sessions have been completed today. Each group consists of 2 or 3 operator’s. After a theoretical introduction, the operators get a comprehensive practical training inside a real operator’s cabin, get a feel of working the joysticks, learning the use of the screen and gaining an understanding of the EMM (Electronic Machine Management) module, etcetera…

Mike, Jimmy

The most frequently asked question has been… “Why did we buy a Metso when six other AEP plants have an E-Crane?”.

Following operators successfully finished the training:

  1. Mike Witt and Jimmy Litton
  2. Don Strickland and Jack Shirkey
  3. Dick Miller, Tom Thursack and Paul Gunnoe

The fourth group, Mike Criner, Chris Carroll and Jake Siders will follow the training shortly.

We thank all operators for their participation in the training, and wish them all the best and safe operation of their brand new 1500B Series E-Crane!


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