Successful E-Crane installation at PPG Natrium

Located approximately 30 miles south of Wheeling WV is the PPG facility. This plant produces industrial chemicals using steam and electricity from their own power station. For nearly 70 years PPG has used a Bucyrus Monighan wire rope clamshell crane to unload coal from the Ohio River. This crane was built just before World War II and has been in continuous service ever since. Bucyrus International believes this is the oldest working crane of this type in operation. (The original company was founded in Bucyrus Ohio in 1880 as Bucyrus Foundry and Manufacturing but outgrew the facility and moved to Milwaukee in 1896.)

PPG researched the best solution to replace their cable crane and selected a balanced hydraulic crane from E-Crane International USA in Galion Ohio. E-Crane International USA proposed a 1000 Series model 7317B E-Crane. The E-Crane was designed with a custom lower to fit on the same concrete pedestal that supported the Bucyrus crane. E-Crane International was given turnkey responsibility for removing the old Bucyrus unloader, installing the new E-Crane, testing, training and commissioning services.

The E-Crane installation crew, led by Steve Suter came to the job well prepared. The new E-Crane was pre-assembled into 5 assemblies on a deck barge. Other support equipment for this job included a Manitowoc 4100 ringer, a workboat, and an empty barge for the old crane. After one day of setup everything was ready and the Bucyrus crane was lifted off it’s foundation with perfect balance. The engineered lift plan by E-Crane USA worked perfectly. After two days of concrete preparation, the new E-Crane assembly began. Four days later the E-Crane was completely assembled and ready for power-up.

The old versus and the new situation:

E-Crane International USA would like to thank Mr. John Bridgeman, PPG Project Manager, and Dennis Tollett for their excellent support and cooperation.

Congratulations to the PPG Natrium plant!

Source: Mark W. Osborne, President E-Crane International USA


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