Successful commissioning of 2nd E-Crane for City Sugar

Bangladesh, November 2008

The first E-Crane® for City Group in Bangladesh was successfully commissioned in April 2006. Because this crane fulfilled all expectations and more, and because of the strong growth of the company, it didn’t took long before the customer decided to place their order for a second E-Crane®.

The first E-Crane®, a 700 Series E-Crane® type 4264 on pedestal, meanwhile already has performed 6750 working hours. 2 years after the commissioning of the first E-Crane®, the second E-Crane®, again a 700-Series E-Crane® type 4264 on pedestal, was successfully installed and commissioned on November 9, 2008.

After a smooth transport per ship, directly from the Port of Antwerp to Chittagong (the second largest city and important port town in Bangladesh), the client – in consultation with our services – safely transported the crane to their site, in order to take the necessary preparations for a smooth assembly and commissioning of their E-Crane®.

Only 2 weeks after its arrival on the wharf, the E-Crane® was fully erected and ready for operation, an admirable achievement by the company’s own people on site, under the supervision of E-Crane Service Manager Jean-Marie.

On November 9, after the official handing over, the first ship with raw sugar could be offloaded.

November 9, 2008: the successful first job of City Sugar’s second E-Crane® in Bangladesh

Considering the ongoing growth of the company, the client is estimating that both E-Cranes will be working on average about 12 to 16 hours per day, loading and offloading different raw materials such as raw sugar, grains,…

Including this second E-Crane® for City Sugar a total of 7 E-Cranes are now operational in Bangladesh.

E-Cranes that have been previously installed in Bangladesh:

2001 Holcim Cement plant (ex-Hyundai) 2006 Abdul Monem Sugar Refinery
700 Series, type 4248-PDE 700 Series, type 4264-PDE
Unloading of cement clinker Unloading of ships with raw sugar
2004 Akij Cement 2007 Meghna Group of Companies
700 Series, type 4264-PDE 2x 700 Series, type 4264-PDE
2006 City Sugar
700 Series, type 4264-PDE

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