Structural Simulation Program

“The structural simulation program reveals how our products will perform under loads in a real-world environment.”

The structural simulation program allows our design engineers to understand, evaluate, and optimize the structural performance of their designs under loads in a real-world environment. This is done during the early stages of the product development.

For complex problems, the program automatically generates a finite element mesh model of the part. The program is integrated within our computer aided design system. Post processing allows our engineers to view the results of an analysis; stress and displacement can be displayed either as a precise shaded model or as a graph.

The fatigue life of a structure is directly related to the amplitude of the working stresses and number of repetitive load cycles. By using this modern finite element analysis tool our engineers:

  • effectively utilize materials – putting strength in the correct area
    and therefore lowering the amplitude of the working stresses
  • minimize stress concentrations – therefore improving life and load cycles
  • make correct material choices
  • optimize the overall design

The software gives our engineers more confidence in the accuracy and performance of their designs. But the real advantage goes to our customers. The structural simulation program helps us to create competitively priced products that are durable and long lasting, which are the highest performing material handling equipment made today.




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