Speech Mr. Lieven Bauwens (Chairman of the board and CEO of the E-Crane group of companies)

Dear customers, agents, dealers, colleagues,
Dear friends from all over the world,

As chairman of the board and CEO of the E-Crane group of companies, it is an honor and a pleasure to welcome you all at this special Gala-event where we celebrate 25 years of E-Crane.  Also I’m happy and quit excited to present you our all new E-Handler.

Dear friends, we all know that everything starts with customers! It is therefore really fantastic to see that customers have travelled half across the globe to celebrate with us. We have friends here tonight from Argentina, Russia, Finland, United States, Singapore, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Myanmar, Austria, Indonesia, Poland,… and I’m probably forgetting some more.
To all of you I say: Great to have you and welcome again to E-Crane in Adegem.

Two special visitors I would like to mention also:
* Mr. Andries Gryffroy, member of the Flemish Parliament
* Mr. Geert Moerman, managing director of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern-Flanders

Is a Greek expression and it means ‘Everything Flows’, ‘Everything is constantly moving’. For over 25 years, E-Crane has been constantly moving! Movement with ups and downs, during good times and bad times, with success and with defeat,… This constant movement, this PANTA RHEI has brought E-Crane to what we are today: a healthy multinational with over 400 employees with worldwide operations to serve our clients. But there is more:

E-Crane is also:
* A reliable manufacturer of the world famous E-Crane product line. With over 200 cranes in operation in some of the most demanding applications.
* World leader for scrap catering solutions inside steel mills in North and South America, Europe and Asia!
* Furthermore E-Towers, our Polish division, is one of the best, if not the very best, tower manufacturing facility for the wind industry in the whole of Europe.
* A highly praised supplier of complex steel constructions for a multitude of customers throughout Europe.


In the last 10 years we have seen very fast movement, very fast PANTA RHEI here at E-Crane. With ongoing investments in technology and people, E-Crane has been moving in the right direction. This movement was fueled by all who work and have worked at E-Crane. I’m convinced that E-Crane will do what it takes to stay a market leader for many years to come.

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For over 25 years we have moved forward. This PANTA RHEI was fueled by our customers. Our customers have indicated the way. It is my sincere wish that our customers keep us on track and I promise to listen even better to all your comments and suggestions in the future.

With the release of our E-Handler I’m even more excited than ever before. I believe with this product we can expand our already excellent cooperation with existing customers as well as with new customers.

To conclude I would like to firmly state that we, at E-Crane, will never ever be afraid of PANTA RHEI! We will never ever be afraid of making a move. With focus, a fighting spirit and the help of our customers, we will keep moving in the right direction!

I wish all a very pleasant evening!


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