Review: Global Material Services

1) During the May-Dec 2004 season

  • GMSII: 4030 hours of Runtime…..22.4 hours of downtime
  • GMSIII: 4575 hours of Runtime…..28.1 hours of downtime
    Stoppage time attributed to cranes is less than 0.6% of the total operating hours!

The two cranes run around the clock from May 15 to December 15, approximately 210 days. During that time, two E-Cranes discharged over 5.4 million metric tons of bauxite…or more than 3000 Jumbo River Barges. An average of 15 Jumbo barges discharged per day!

Mr. Luis Mok, General Barge Foreman for Global Material Services Venezuela (GMSV) was reviewing the operating hours and down time for the two cranes. Mr. Mok was highly impressed with the E-Crane’s performance, reliability and technical support from E-Crane International USA

2) According to Mr. Jeremy Johnson, Technical Service Manager for E-Crane International USA, “ I would put these mechanics and operators up against anyone in the world”…“They are highly motivated, hard working, and doing a great job at preventative maintenance which results in the extremely high uptime percentage.”
3) The cranes are being outfitted with “automatic boom float”…a control feature that was developed after the machines were installed. With this, barge cleaning operations are simplified for the operator. The push down force exerted by the crane on the barge floor is automatically limited to a set value during grab close.
4) One pic shows Lara Orlando installing a branch circuit for control voltage in the E11 cabinet, the other pic shows Jorge Pino performing the final assembly on the automatic boom float valve for GMSII.
5) Mr. Enzo Carlucci, the General Manager of GMSV said “ Miguel Vecchione and his maintenance staff are doing a real nice job scheduling preventative maintenance and keeping our equipment in first class shape.”


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