A purpose-built machine for the harsh demands of the Recycling Industry

A purpose-built machine for the harsh demands of the Recycling Industry

Long reach
Depending upon the model a reach from 65 to 150 ft is available.A pedestal mounted machine may substitute a crawler However, a variety of lowers is available to suit every requirement.

High capacity
Due to its efficiently engineered design E-cranes feature a high capacity to horsepower ratio

The moveable counterweight offsets the weight of the boom and arm. Only the load needs additional power to be moved. This efficient design results in a very efficient machine that requires much less horsepower than conventional cranes.

Low operating cost
The equilibrium principle results in low power consumption. A 700 series crane requires only 110 KW versus a similar type excavator which requires 319 KW. More power = more energy consumption, more heat generated, more maintenance required.

Low maintenance
A purpose built material handler has few moving parts. This results in very little daily maintenance. The machine is equipped with an autolube system on all pivot points, except the grab. Huge pins and bushings ( as compared to an excavator ) result in low pressure and a long life. In the history of E-crane/Indusign ( since 1993 ) not a single pivot pin or bushing has been replaced. Phillips Environmental in Hamilton, ON. has a unit in operation with an excess of 35,000 hours without major repairs.

Operator comfort
The power module consisting of an electric motor, gears and pumps is in a separate cabinet. The operator hers only a slight hydraulic humming sound during operation. The absence of noise and fumes combined with an excellent visibility in an air-conditioned cabin contribute greatly to operator comfort and less fatigue.

Duty cycles are reduced to a minimum with positive, hydraulic control of all movements. The grab is always where the operator directs it, the filling rate is optimized at each cycle. 50% of lift capacity is available as downforce. This assures optimum fill of the bucket or grapple

Nothing moves material for less dollars per ton than an E-crane!



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