Inside the E-Crane cabin: the EMM-system

New technological developments from E-Crane Worldwide featured in DCi

E-Cranes now come with a new, reliable and user-friendly control system called the EMM, or Electronic Machine Manager. This built in system is a huge innovation in data collection technology, and allows for real-time data collection of things such as running time, how many times the E-Crane hits a fault while in operation, whether there is an overload or overheat, and more. Some even stream live, real time video of the E-Crane while in operation.

This real time system data can also be transmitted to the customer’s network for monitoring. Depending on the needs of the customer, the EMM system can be set to generate reports of the E-Crane operation daily, weekly, or monthly. While the E-Crane is running, the system will constantly track data that the customer specifies. The customer can then log in to the system to view these reports.

The EMM system provides the link between the operator and the crane which is necessary for safe and productive bulk material handling. The software makes troubleshooting easy, by immediately displaying any warning or fault on the dialog module located right inside of the operator’s cab.

The EMM system also allows for the E-Crane operator to program in certain operating parameters, for more precise and safe control of the crane. For example, the operator can set a specific position of the crane into the memory of the EMM system. This is ideal in situations where the crane is dropping material into a single location or dumping material into a fixed hopper. This saves time and work for the operator — after filling up the grab, the E-Crane will automatically return to the programmed position at the touch of a button. Not only does this reduce cycle time and ease operation, it can ensure that the E-Crane will avoid interference with other equipment.

The EMM system even allows for remote access to the E-Crane, meaning that the operating system can be monitored and repaired remotely via GPRS. An E-Crane with remote access can be diagnosed and fixed from anywhere in the world, and the system can be upgraded and updated instantly. This saves E-Crane owners from expensive and unexpected downtime and delays.


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