New E-Crane® for limestone handling

In close cooperation with the ECI-USA project team lead by Mr. Steve Suter, a Belgium based E-Crane® erection team (Luc Keysabyl and Thomas Lameire) just finished the installation of a new 1500 B-series E-Crane® on the Ohio River at the American Electric Power, Mitchell Plant – Cresap, West Virginia!

The E-Crane® will offload limestone from barges. This limestone is needed for the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems inside the Mitchell Plant. FGD systems, commonly called “scrubbers,” reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, a contributor to acid rain, by up to 98 percent. The installation of this cell mounted E-Crane® was very complicated as the whole crane was installed from the water requiring the mobilization of heavy lift equipment and supply and equipment barges.

Source: Article by Lieven Bauwens (ECI Worldwide/Indusign) ; Pictures by Luc Keysabyl.


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