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E-Crane supplies unloader to Houston

Cargill newest E-Crane™ has improved fertilizer and grain unloading, at the Port of Houston, Texas. More recently, Cargill Fertilizer has purchased and installed a second new equilibrium crane, or E-Crane™. This new crane was installed in April 2001 at its Houston Ship Channel facility.
It is designed for discharging fertilizer and grain from ocean going barges and bulk carriers up to Panamax size.

Ricky Carlson, the Cargill Wholesale Fertilizer Manager said, “This second E-Crane purchase by Cargill is part of our ongoing commitment to improve customer service and increase fertiliser volume at our facilities”.

The equilibrium crane, more commonly referred to as the E-Crane, is a revolutionary, multi-functional crane for heavy duty bulk materials handling applications.

The Cargill E-Crane was designed by Indusign/E-Crane International USA together with input from Cargill management specifically for this operation. Installation was completed on time by the Indusign/ECI-USA erection team with support from Crescent Machinery, the local service dealer.

This particular E-Crane is a 1500 series model 8359 with 117ft of outreach and lift capacity of 14.5 short tons.
The crane main pivot stands 58ft above the dock allowing good visibility into the ship’s hold and discharge coverage of the entire ship.

Designed for bulk material handling, storage, process feeding at ports, harbours, barge offloading, scrap processing facilities, indeed anywhere high production handling of bulk materials is required, the E-Crane is especially well suited for heavy duty production cycles and difficult working conditions. The E-Crane features an unprecedented reach of up to 150ft, with lifting capcities of over 30 short tons, a push down force equal to 50% of the rated capacity, and significantly reduced power consumption and operating costs.

The E-Crane design is an ingenious parallelogram style boom that provides a direct mechanical connection between the counterweight and the load. This unique system ensures near perfect balance throughout its full working range.

Compared to conventional cranes that require as much as 80% of their available energy just to move the boom, stick, and grab, the E-Crane principal results in significantly lower maintenance and lower operating costs. Simply put, the E-Crane is designed to move more material faster, farther, and for less money than conventional cranes.

E-Crane International USA (ECI) is a company focused and committed to the equilibrium E-Crane product line. ECI provides engineering, sales, marketing, product, spare parts and management services for the E-Crane in North and South America.


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