From our local correspondent. The Atlantic Diving crane is running flawlessly.


The Atlantic Diving crane is running flawlessly. The second coal ship arrived on Wednesday morning. The conveyor belt is running at maximum speed and the hopper chute wide open… even with this the E-Crane™ can keep the hopper full. The operator fills the hopper and then has time to work cleaning sides of the barge while it discharges.

According to Frank Hargreaves on site, is that the “E-Crane™ is discharging 4 grabs in 80 seconds” !! That’s 1000 ton per hour with a 1000 Series machine! Wow!

The coal is being transloaded from the ship to the barges by three excavators. The barges are then pushed up the river to the Sutton Light Plant. The E-Crane™ is faster than three excavators.


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