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On November 15, 2012, the inauguration of the new scrap loading port crane took place at the Galloo Gent scrap terminal of Galloo Gent (formerly known as Van Heyghen Recycling) in the port of Ghent.

When the order for the E-Crane was placed, it was realized that both the customer and the manufacturer happened to be eminent members of “Kiwanis”!
Pierre Vandeputte is the manager of the Galloo Group and is also the past president of KWT. Lieven Bauwens is Chairman of the Board of E-Crane Worldwide and president of the social committee of KEM.

The official commissioning of the new E-Crane was the perfect opportunity to gather all Kiwanis members for an interclub activity. A formal dinner was organized at the Galloo Gent scrap terminal, followed by speeches and explanations of the “club fanions” by President Luc Ryckaert of KEM and President Elect Jannick Sercu of KWT. The crane customer and manufacturer also each gave small presentations.

The logistics, recycling, and smelting of scrap metal are very important aspects of the steel industry. The perfected design of the E-Crane permits a high return on investment with minimum power consumption. This explains the commercial success of E-Crane, the manufacturer of the crane, as well as the ever increasing interest of the recycling industry.

The evening was well-organized and successful — it was a night that made guests proud to be Kiwanis members! In the image, we recognize Pierre Vandeputte of KWT on the left and Lieven Bauwens of KEM on the right. The second picture was taken the day after, from the other side of the Ghent-Terneuzen canal. It was taken there in order to get the whole crane in the picture. The cab of the crane, where the operator sits, gives an idea of the large scale of giant machine and the piles of scrap it handles!

Jan Ryckaert

Source: Kiwanis Magazine Belgium-Luxembourg, March 2013, p. 26


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