İÇDAŞ3, E-Crane model 26478 PD-E Commissioning

As of today a new E-Crane scrap giant is put into operation at the state-of-the-art İÇDAŞ steel mill in Turkey. This impressive 3000 Series E-Crane has changed the skyline of the steel mill and is now the heart of the scrap-logistics between the port and the steel mill.

The total weight of this fixed pedestal E-Crane is 647 tons. A duty cycle capacity of 33 tons combined with an outreach of 47,8 meters is required for a very special job: transferring all scrap from the harbor to the scrap loading station that is located over 43 (!!!) meters higher.

As a result of the excellent cooperation between the Flemish E-Crane erection team and the İÇDAŞinstallation crew, the crane was installed at a record time and in a safe manner. On Friday the 13th (!) the crane was handed over to the crane drivers. For training and testing purposes the first 100 hours of operation is carried out in ‘Fine-Control’-mode (also sometimes referred to as ‘Training’-mode). This allows E-Crane technicians to observe crane operation and performance and carry out fine tuning activities. At the same time this is also a great opportunity for the crane drivers to ‘learn the ropes’.

After 3 days of trouble-free and continuous running, the crane was put into the normal duty-cycle mode. With fast cycles and a net payload of 20 tons time and again, this exiting E-Crane project once more confirms that E-Crane is the only choice for ‘serious’ scrap handling.

E-Crane team would like to congratulate the İÇDAŞ management and all employees at the Biga steel mill with this new and spectacular addition to their existing E-Crane fleet!


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