Fourth E-Crane successfully commissioned in Bangladesh

Dhaka, November 2006: The decision to build a new sugar refinery was taken early 2005. Monem Sugar Refinery Ltd (MSRL) looked carefully at their options for the unloading of ships with Brazilian sugar. The extensive market survey resulted earlier this year in the purchase of a state-of-the-art 700-series E-Crane® with 26 metres (86 feet) outreach.

The crane left the assembly shop on-time in Belgium early july 2006. Finally and after a long voyage from Antwerp to Dhaka, with transloading in the harbor of Chittagong, the crane arrived in Dhaka early October. The erection of the E-Crane® started on October 19th. Under the supervision of 2 experienced E-Crane® erection engineers (Jean-Marie and Klaas) and with the help of the technical staff from MSRL the crane was safely assembled.

After only 10 days of hard work the E-Crane® was completely erected and the final on-site testing and tuning was started. For the next two days the crane was extensively and intensively tested and when and where necessary final adjustments were made to the electrical and hydraulic system to ensure peak performance ! To guarantee that the crane was commissioned in the best way possible and to make sure that the crane was going to be correctly maintained the operators and on-site mechanics participated in an intensive 3 day training course.

Mr. Klaas De Brabander (E-Crane Engineer) and Mr. Jean-Marie Verschoore (E-Crane Senior Engineer) enjoying a tasty and refreshing “Igloo” ice cream during a short break.

The newly installed crane is exercised for testing and tuning purposes.

On november 1st the “Monem Sugar Refinery”-management officially took reception of their E-Crane® ! All E-Crane® employees would like to use this opportunity to thank Abdul Monem for the confidence in our product and we wish Monem Sugar Refinery the very best for the future.

About the Abdul Monem Group of Companies (AML), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Abdul Monem Ltd is a leading roads and highways construction company, bottler of Coca-Cola and owner of “Igloo” ice cream. Monem Sugar Refinery Ltd (MSRL) is capable of delivering 300,000 tonnes of refined sugar annually. The sugar quality will meet the highest international standards. MSRL is using European and American technology and imports raw sugar from the very best sources worldwide. This highly purified sugar can be used in food processing industries, pharmaceutical industries, bakeries and confectionery units as well as for household applications. It is expected that Monem Sugar Refinery Ltd. along with other sugar refineries can now fully meet the entire country’s demand for refined sugar which will help users to procure sugar locally at a competitive price. According to MSRL this project will also result in thousands of employment opportunities directly and indirectly at various levels.

The picture above: Carrying out complicated lifts in a safe way requires careful planning and skilled personnel. On site E-Crane engineer Jean-Marie double checks every detail before the actual lift takes place.


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