Found on the web: MAE Alumnus Steven M. Osborne Appointed New CEO of E-Crane International

E-Crane International USA (ECI-USA), a market leader in material handling solutions for the bulk and scrap handling industry, announced that the Board of Directors unanimously elected Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Alumnus Steven M. Osborne as Chief Executive Officer, effective June 24th, 2015.  Osborne, a 2007 graduate of The Ohio State University, is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio.

Osborne succeeds his father and ECI-USA’s current President and CEO Mark W. Osborne, who has been successfully leading the company since it was founded in 1999.

Lieven Bauwens, chairman of the board says Osborne has a clear vision on how to grow E-Crane in the Americas.  “I know he will accomplish the company goals in collaboration with the management team and have no doubt he is the right person to take the helm.”

ECI-USA, based in Galion, Ohio is a wholly owned subsidiary of the E-Crane Group of Companies based in Adegem, Belgium.  ECI-USA is responsible for sales and customer service of the E-Crane product line in North and South America.  ECI-USA has grown to 29 employees including offices in Columbus, Ohio for sales and engineering, and a new service center in Rockport, Texas.

Photo: Lieven Bauwens (Chairman, ECI-USA), Steven M. Osborne (CEO, ECI-USA), Mark W. Osborne (President, ECI-USA), Stephen G. Suter (Service Manager, ECI-USA)

Source: The Ohio State University


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