First Erection Phase of Second E-Crane Completed at MI Cement plant

Erection of the second E-Crane at MI Cement in Bangladesh is moving forward as planned

The erection crew from our local dealer Maple Leaf, consisting of two Certified E-Crane Service Engineers has completed the first erection phase of what will be the second 700 Series E-Crane at the MI Cement plant in Bangladesh…

The first of the two E-Cranes was installed in March of this year and unloads clinker, limestone and slag at rates of up to 400 TPH.

With the installation of a second E-Crane, MI Cement will be able to complete a major investment in their top notch facililities.

Currently, the column of the crane is in place along with the platform, catwalk, and stairs. The chassis, power unit, operator cab and boom cylinder have also been installed. The next phase of erection is already underway as E-Crane engineer, Mr. Guido Van Hoecke, is on-site, helping to finish the installation.

MI Cement’s second E-Crane after the first phase of the erection process was completed by Maple Leaf International’s service engineers.

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