Successful Start-Up at Shamblin Stone



Shamblin Stone Inc. purchased our first E-Crane, an EH 8248 PD-E, in 2015 to unload barges of stone, gravel and sand at our six yards on the Kanawha River in West Virginia USA.

The E-Crane is placed on a 100’X 40’ deck barge with a 30’ tall pedestal under it. The moving counter weight helps stabilize the barge and the crane for smoother unloading and little rocking of the barge.

Unloading as much as 4500 tons in a 10 hour shift is not a problem for this 8248.
We are very satisfied with this material handler after unloading 142 barges with it.

Robert CaruthersRiver OperationsShamblin Stone INC



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