Featured Customer: Shamrock Materials

Robert McIntosh was the President of Shamrock’s Landing Way Depot for this start-up project and ran the operations for several years.

“We started with a self-unloading barge, but that was a slow, inefficient, low capacity operation. We needed something much better for full scale operations.”

During the investigation process, Shamrock became aware of E-Crane’s uncomplicated equilibrium design with its high capacity, simple maintenance, long service life and ease of operation—all the things the Shamrock transloading operation absolutely needed.

“We explained our situation, and they came back with a comprehensive proposal that made it very clear very quickly that the E-Crane was perfect for Shamrock’s unloading application.”

Shamrock Chief Operating Officer Jeff Nehmens further explained:

“This was an entirely new type of operation for us, and we were making long-term decisions about equipment we were unfamiliar with. The E-Crane USA sales team, and Mark Osborne in particular, gave close support to our evaluation and decision process, and it became clear that E-Crane was the only rational choice.”

“We gave E-Crane the order in June 2005. They installed it in early December, and the E-Crane offloaded its first barge on December 22nd. The assembly and construction crew was very professional, very knowledgeable, they really knew what they were doing. Everything went smoothly in spite of heavy rains and generally horrible weather. When that first barge was unloaded, we knew we had a winner.”
Robert McIntosh, President, Shamrock’s Landing Way Depot

Smooth, quiet, efficient operation, and the E-Crane can unload faster than the 1000-tph shore equipment can handle.

Shamrock Materials, Petaluma, CA, provides ready-mix concrete and a diverse line of concrete accessories and building materials, as well as masonry, stone products and landscaping materials from six CA locations.

In 2005 Shamrock built a transloading facility to unload sand and gravel to be used for production of concrete. These materials arrive by ship and are transferred to barges, taken one at a time up the Petaluma River. The barges must reach the Shamrock facility on the high tide and be unloaded well before low tide, about six hours later.


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