E-Crane Training for Allegheny Ft. Martin Station Operators

On Wednesday May 20 2009 6 personnel from the Allegheny Ft. Martin station arrived in Galion Ohio at the E-Crane headquarters for training.

Shawn Nuzum, Ralph Beerbower, Doug Born, Tony Altieri, Rick Michael and Mike Kridle with E-Crane engineer Steve Osborne (third from left). Arriving was: Shawn Nuzum, Ralph Beerbower, Doug Born, Tony Altieri, Rick Michael and Mike Kridle. Mark Osborne greeted them and gave a tour of the ECI-USA offices. Mark introduced them to the different departments at E-Crane®.

Mark also showed the guys the shop/inventory space that allows ECI-USA to keep essentially every off the shelf item used for the E-Crane®. Here we have all of the spare parts (ie: Hydraulic Cylinders, Seal Kits, Main Bearings,etc.) organized by the series of E-Crane® they belong to. Many of the items used on an E-Crane® are universal to every series, this allows ECI-USA to keep items on hand and provide an average two day lead time for replacement parts to our customers.

The Allegheny personnel were then taken to our conference room and familiarized with the E-Crane® itself. Mark showed many photos and explained the basic principle of the E-Crane® and why it is so unique. The Allegheny personnel were then able to ask questions and alleviate any concerns they may have had about using such a different machine than what they are used to. Mark showed them a few instructional videos that helped to explain some of their questions. They asked about visibility into the material barges from the E-Crane cab. Mark was able to explain visibility issues and show a 3-D model. ECI understands that a comfortable operator is the key to successful unloading with any material handling equipment. This training provides a certain level of comfort to the operators and maintenance personnel before they ever even operate their equipment.

ECI provided lunch for the Allegheny guys. During lunch the guys gathered upstairs and asked Mark questions about the other E-Cranes around the US. After lunch Mark did a power point training presentation and went over the Allegheny Ft. Martin overview drawings, Hydraulic Schematic, and hose Specification sheets. The following morning Steve Osborne and Steve Sutter took over for the remainder of the training.

Source:E-Crane International USA

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