E-Crane Opens Service Center in Texas

Within the past year, E-Crane has opened a new service center and warehouse in Rockport, Texas to service the E-Cranes in the area. This service center has six on-site technicians, ready to handle any 24/7 service and maintenance needs, as well as its own parts inventory and warehouse.

The warehouse provides an ideal amount of space for parts storage and daily crane related projects that take place. It is also equipped with a built in office, sleeping quarters, kitchen, and lounge/classroom. The sleeping quarters allow for a comfortable environment for technicians who are on call day and night. The classroom is used for E-Crane operator and maintenance training.

The Texas Service Center (TSC) provides classroom and hands-on training for crane operators and service and maintenance technicians. Training programs include Safety, Guided Tour, Basic Operation, Basic Maintenance, as well as advanced training. Many crane related projects also take place in the warehouse including part, bucket, and grab cylinder rebuilds. Along with these projects, TSC provides 24/7 service to two 2000 Series, rail mounted E-cranes located at a facility nearby. These cranes operate continuously in a mission critical ship unloading application.

TSC works to maintain these E-Cranes by providing daily maintenance for both cranes. This maintenance involves performing lubrications, checking fluid levels, and inspecting for damage and leaks. The technicians also communicate with the crane operators and shift supervisors to evaluate how the cranes are running and fix any issues that may arise. TSC is working hard to provide excellent service and maximize the uptime for the customer with a speedy response time of an hour or less! In the future, the Texas Service Center plans to expand and serve other E-Cranes located in Texas and in the surrounding areas on the Gulf coast.

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