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The correctness of its installation was checked by a specialist from Belgium. This is a unique technique – there are such cranes in only two cities of Russia. Now he will work in our area.

Specialists call this crane an E-Crane. Here he was just brought to Novodvinsk, experts are preparing for installation. The technique is unique – it is designed for unloading and loading wood and works faster than domestic counterparts. By the way, such cranes are a rarity for Russia. Similar cranes cana only be found in St. Petersburg and Kazan.

This crane is located on a floating platform, which allows it to approach from the water to the shore and pick up the brought balance at a distance of 34 meters. Small rivers that have banks that are bad for shipping, this e-crane can easily approach and take far-standing wood.

Oleg Ilatovsky, Logistics Director of Arkhangelsk PPM

Two months of work, and the brand new crane is fully mounted. Final touches before starting work – an experienced Belgian specialist checks. He came specifically to evaluate the correct assembly of the device. And with a triumphant whistle, the e-crane notifies that it is ready for work. It remains to eliminate minor flaws. Very soon, with the help of it, they will collect wood in the Verkhnetoyemsky district.

The crane is unique in that it works four times faster than the domestic floating crane that we still work with. The crew is only two people, unlike four, and energy consumption is much less.

Alexey Sizov, Deputy General Director of the White Sea Smelting Company

Another novelty of the Arkhangelsk PPM is a modern reachtaker. The third car arrived in Novodvinsk in April and is already working in production. With this huge car, containers with finished products are shipped – it can lift weight up to 45 tons.

They are involved in unloading and loading containers. Empty containers arrive by rail, then they are packed up and back to the railway platform.

Oleg Ilatovsky, Logistics Director of Arkhangelsk PPM

And then they go to St. Petersburg. Some of these cardboard containers will receive customers in London.

This summer we are implementing a project for the construction of a container site for the shipment of finished products, but with container accelerated trains. I think that by September we will launch this site.

Dmitry Zylev, General Director of the Arkhangelsk PPM

Despite restrictive measures, the Arkhangelsk PPM is actively developing and increasing productivity. Over the past ten years, more than 35 billion rubles have been invested in modernization.


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