E-Crane offers flexibility and efficiency to shiploading market

While shiploading/offloading systems can be costly and inflexible, E-Crane is just the opposite, providing the solution for loading and offloading bulk materials in seaports and river ports throughout the world.

Mobile Harbour Equipment

Seaboard Midema

E-Crane offers its customers the choice between several different types of undercarriages which are customized to their needs. Along with the fixed pedestal and the free-standing pedestal lowers, E-Cranes can be installed on either low or high gantry portals on rails, or on crawlers. The balanced design also provides great stability, making it the perfect solution for a floating barge mount.

When choosing the type of undercarriage, E-Crane will work closely together with the customer to find the best solution for that customer’s operation. All options can be utilized in ports, but mobile options are especially frequently used in shiploading and offloading. Both rail mounted and crawler mounted solutions allow the E-Crane increased flexibility and mobility because the crane can travel alongside the ship in order to optimize the loading operation.

New and repeat customers know why E-Crane is an ideal solution for mobile harbour requirements. E-Crane’s fundamental ‘Equilibrium’ design allows gravity to work for its customers, instead of against them, offering savings on maintenance and power costs. These economic advantages, along with high ship loading and unloading rates, are behind the E-Cranes’ high popularity.

Grab System

E-Crane also designs and supplies two types of customengineered attachments and grabs: the hydraulic clamshell grab and the orange peel grab. Not only are these grabs very competitively priced, with short delivery times and easy shipping, both also have major advantages for shiploading in seaports and river ports.

E-Crane’s positive grab control provides operational precision, push-down force and overall productivity with very little clean up needed. The main advantage of an E-Crane grab is that the grab is hydraulically controlled and not cable suspended. With hydraulic control, the grab can be accurately positioned for material pickup and can provide a push-down force of up to 50% of the lift force in order to break up lumpy, sticky or frozen material. Additionally, hydraulic control over all machine movements promotes short duty cycle times and increased production.

Quick Change

If a company needs to use multiple attachments (sometimes necessary depending on the company’s operation), E-Crane has a quick change solution which allows the client to switch attachments in a matter of minutes. E-Crane can easily modify existing grabs to fit the quick-change twist-lock pattern. This mechanical coupler is a more efficient and safer way to switch between attachments, and saves clients time and money due to downtime while changing attachments.


E-Cranes also come with a new, reliable and user-friendly control system called the EMM, or Electronic Machine Manager. This built-in system allows for real time data collection of things such as running time, how many times the E-Crane hits a fault while in operation, whether there is an overload or overheat, and more. Some even stream live, real time video of the E-Crane while in operation.

The EMM system provides the link between the operator and the crane which is necessary for safe and productive bulk material handling. The software makes troubleshooting easy, by immediately displaying any warning or fault on the dialog module located right inside of the operator’s cab. E-Crane’s can also be remotely diagnosed by E-Crane service technicians anywhere in the world through the EMM system.

Unique Design

E-Cranes are broken down into five different machine series based on capacity requirements; the 700, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 series, E-Crane features a unique design with a moveable counterweight and a parallelogram-style linkage than can provide up to 150ft/50m reach and up to 49 tonnes duty cycle capacity.

It provides a fast, easy, low-cost-per-tonne method of unloading bulk materials from barges and and ships up to and including Panamax vessels. Further, with the E-Crane’s® modular design, each E-Crane® is tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs and preferences.

Source: Dry Cargo International, June 2013


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