E-Crane featured in Russian Sea Port magazine

Megarex introduces the heavy-duty Atlas and balanced E-Crane on the Russian market: a truly revolutionary solution to handle all sorts of bulk materials. Designed for bulk material handling, storage, process feeding, stockpiling and sorting bulk materials in ports, terminals, steel mills,… anywhere high production handling of bulk materials is required.

The E-Crane (designed in Belgium) is especially well suited for heavy-duty production cycles and difficult working conditions. The E-Crane features an unprecedented reach of up to 47 m, lifting capacities of over 50 MTons, push down force equal to 50% of the rated capacity, and significantly reduced power consumption and operating costs.

The E-Crane design is based on an ingenious parallelogram style boom that provides a direct mechanical connection between the counterweight and the load. This unique system keeps the E-Crane in perfect balance throughout its full working range. Compared to conventional cranes and mobile material handlers that use up as much as 80% of their available energy just to move the boom, stick, and grab,… The E-Crane principal results in significantly lower maintenance and lower operating costs.

Simply put, the E-Crane is designed to move more material faster, farther, and for less money than conventional cranes. The E-Crane is easy in maintenance and ease-of-use. While the basic design of the E-Crane inherently keeps maintenance costs low, further thought was given to keep the components simple and easy to maintain. This is best demonstrated by the fact that both counterweight and boom cylinders are identical, making spare parts inventories less costly.

The power module is located in an easily accessible, walk-in compartment, making the use of ladders or scaffolding unnecessary. Low pressure hydraulics, oversize bearings, and an automatic lubrication system assure a long working life. The E-Crane utilizes only top quality components supplied by leading manufacturers to assure reliability and worldwide parts and service support.

A family of standard models allows our engineers to tailor make a machine for the particular needs of a customer while at the same time realizing the benefits of standard / series built components. We offer a complete material handling solution built around the E-Crane.

We don’t just offer you a crane, but a complete bulk handling solution based on the E-Crane technology.

Do you require more information on this technology and the possibilities? Contact the experts of Megarex at (812)602-16-36, 999-57-55.

  • Advantages and features of the E-Crane
  • Lift Capacities From 5 To 50 Tons
  • Outreach From 82 To 164 Feet
  • Heavy Duty Construction For Durability And Long Life
  • Strategically Placed Components For Easy Access And Improved Maintainability
  • Independent Closed Loop Swing System
  • Ergonomically Designed Operator’s Cab
  • Pilot Operated Joystick Controls
  • Optional Mountings Engineered To The Application
  • Designed Specifically For High Production Bulk Materials Handling
  • Electric, Diesel Or Diesel-Electric Powered Hydraulic System
  • Low To Medium Pressure Hydraulics For Extended Component Life

 Source: Sea Port Magazine N°8 2012


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