E-crane donates projector and screen to community center De Kring in Eeklo

[frame link=”http://www.e-crane.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Dekring3.jpg” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”de-kring” align=”right” type=”simple”]Eline De Pauw of E-Crane helps carrying the beamer.[/frame]

Friday November 30, an E-crane delegation of the committee “Company with Heart” visited the community center, De Kring, in Eeklo. The E-Crane service vehicle, usually full of working material and spare parts for E-crane clients, carried a whole different load that evening…

“Until now, we’ve used a second-hand screen and projector in our multipurpose room. We moved into our brand-new building about a year ago, and we have seen more visitors than ever; the old projector and screen had become too small to watch comfortably”, said Jan Matthys, coordinator and the driving force behind “De Kring”. It was clear that we had to replace the old projector with a new one. “When Filip Van Cauwenberghe (E-crane) contacted us and made the proposition to support our project, we were delighted”, Jan Matthys added.

[frame link=”http://www.e-crane.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Dekring2.jpg” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”de-kring” align=”left” type=”simple”]From left to right: Jan Matthys, Karin Van Malderghem, Filip Van Cauwenberghe and Eline De Pauw[/frame]

[heading_4 type=”simple”]An educational year-end gift[/heading_4]

After a – very successful – afternoon of bingo, the E-crane committee visited “De Kring”. One of E-crane’s general managers and technical director Geert Watteeuw selected the appliances himself. The delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Jan Matthys and Mrs. Karin Van Maldergem (chairwoman of “De Kring”), whereupon the gift was delivered with a toast to the donation. The projector and screen will be set up in a multifunctional room, where it undoubtedly will be of great use.

What does the community center “de Kring” stand for?

Every day, employees of “De Kring” are confronted with the poignant reality of poverty and social exclusion. Nowadays, it is difficult to survive on a low income without any income support. It is also hard for the unemployed and for people who are chronically ill to make ends meet. “We organize many activities, such as “bingo afternoons”, monthly excursions, computer lessons, cooking lessons, sewing lessons, etc. Anyone having trouble making ends meet is more than welcome here”, Jan Matthys emphasized.

Next to the regular activities, there is also a social grocery, where prices are 60% lower than in the cheapest grocery stores. Laundry can be done in the Laundromat at half the price of a normal Laundromat. Showers are free of charge for people who have no appropriate sanitary facilities. Tuesday through Friday the cafeteria is open for business from 9 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. so that people with limited income can enjoy fresh soup, spaghetti, or toasted sandwiches. To continue this admirable project, both material and financial donations are always more than welcome.

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