Co-operation between AEP and E-Crane continues

American Electric Power, the major electric utility company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio is one of E-Crane’s largest customers in the US with no fewer than eight E-Cranes in operation.

The relationship between the two companies is a testament to AEP’s desire for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly bulk material handling equipment and E-Crane’s ability to support this desire with the required project management, parts, and maintenance services.

In 2012, the latest E-Crane for AEP was installed at the Clifty Creek Power plant near Madison Indiana. The 1500 series E-Crane is used for unloading limestone for the flue gas desulphurization (FGD) process that takes place at the plant. Along with the crane, E-Crane also designed and provided a receiving hopper and barge haul system for Clifty. The hopper was designed by E-Crane engineers and was installed simultaneously with the E-Crane in May of 2012. A barge haul system, consisting of wire rope strung between two opposing winches, was also installed. The wire rope is connected to the barge and the winches either pay-out or take-up rope to move the barge downstream or upstream.

In 2008, E-Crane developed a similar project for AEP at Ohio Valley Electric Corporation’s (OVEC) Kyger Creek plant in Cheshire, Ohio. Both cranes have a 15.5t lift capacity and 29m reach.

Source: Dry Cargo International, June 2013


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