Shanxi, China

Description of the E-Crane

The successful installation of the second 1000 Series E-Crane® at the Tisco steel mill is the closing stone of the new scrap yard and confirmation of E-Crane’s leading position in supplying solutions to the steel industry.

For this Tisco-project, E-Crane® provided a proven scrap yard layout and the material handling equipment for improved performance. E-Crane® scrap handling solutions utilize specially designed E-Crane® material handling equipment and state-of-the-art communications to improve the logistics and reduce operating costs.

We are very excited about this opportunity to work closely together with Tisco management in the development of China’s first state-of-the-art steel mill scrap yard. E-Crane® believes in the strength of this partnership with Tisco, one of China’s largest fully integrated iron- and steel complexes. We are confident that this project will help us solidify our position as a clear leader in providing scrap handling solutions for steel mills worldwide.

Lieven BauwensPresident & DirectorE-Crane Worldwide

The first E-Crane® has accumulated over 25,000 hours and with the EAF (Electric Arc Furnaces) now at full production, the second E-Crane® will contribute in the ‘around-the-clock’ scrap basket loading operations.

Within our excellent long term relationship with Tisco management and Tisco design and construction teams, we hope that the completion of this exciting project will be the first of many.

Lieven BauwensPresident & DirectorE-Crane Worldwide

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