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Description of the E-Crane

End 2007, River Metals Recycling replaced several conventional material handlers by the 1000 Series E-Crane®, that is now feeding the world’s largest shear: the 3000 ton Henschel scrap shear. This brought a lot more flexibility to RMR’s operations: in between shear cycles the E-Crane® unloads trucks, sorts and stockpiles sheared material and in addition to a 4 tine scrap grab, the E-Crane®  is also magnet equipped for greater versatility.

RMR believes in protecting the environment and it was with this goal in mind they opted for the E-Crane®. The E-Crane® is electric powered and has a lower energy consumption per ton than any other material handler. The clean electric power means no oil changes, no fuel spills and no other disadvantages of material handlers with internal combustion engines.

E-Crane® driver David worked for the 1st time with the new 1000-series E-Crane® and when asked for his first impressions, he admitted that he was very intimidated at first… But this was going to change quickly! It took David less than 1 hr to become proficient! According to David:

… the biggest differences between a big excavator and the E-Crane® are the reach (104 ft/31,7 m) and the impressive view because the cab is 60 ft (18 m) up in the air.

David – E-Crane driver, River Metals

Another big plus, according to David, is the fact that the crane can travel fast along the rails and the travel can be combined with all other crane movements.

Our Customers Say


Feeding a big Henschel shear
Unloading trucks
Sorting and stockpiling sheared material


1.96 yd³ / 1,5 m³ Scrap Grab Magnet

Duty cycle capacity

Lift capacity

15 UStons / 13,6 Mtons


Louisville, Kentucky, USA


High Portal on Rail Lower

Power source

250-hp/200kW Electric Motor


104 ft / 31,7 m


1000 Series / 7317 B GA-E

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