Port of Kokkola

Port of Kokkola, Finland

Description of the E-Crane

The Port of Kokkola’s favourable location in mid/west Finland makes it a very well-known harbour with good connections to other parts of Finland, both by road and rail. After extending the ‘Deep Port’ quay, it was decided to purchase a new E-Crane Model 17359 GA-E to increase the Port’s loading and unloading capacity.

The main reason for choosing this type of crane is the fact that this hydraulic balanced crane can operate with utmost precision plus the high transloading capacity. Capacities of 700-1000 tons per hour can be reached. Furthermore the low energy consumption of this machine played a big part in making this choice.

In his speech during the inauguration, Mr. Torbjörn Witting, Port Director at the Port of Kokkola, thanked E-Crane® International for a very pleasant cooperation:

This project was the ‘easiest’ one in all my time at Port of Kokkola: E-Crane fully understood our wishes, and we were extremely pleased with how the negotiations, technical meetings and training sessions went.

Torbjörn WittingPort DirectorPort of Kokkola

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