Lowman Power Plant

Description of the E-Crane

When PowerSouth Energy Cooperative upgraded its Lowman Power Plant on the Tombigbee River for flue gas desulfurization (FGD), E-Crane® offered a turnkey solution to the increased material unloading and river level problems: an E-Crane® floating terminal consisting of two barges (2000 Series E-Crane® and conveyor back-up), a hopper, a barge-haul system, and a barge-breasting system.

E-Crane® maintenance is simple, quick and easy. The E-Crane® is much safer and more reliable than the old gantry rope crane. And the E-Crane® system is easy to operate, so the fatigue factor is less. With the floating terminal, the barges are always at the same level as the E-Crane® making it easy to bring them into position, unload them, and move them on.

Mike Barton – Utility Supervisor, Powersouth Energy

Our Customers Say

The E-Crane® system has cut our unloading time in half, cut our maintenance time dramatically, and just generally simplified our lives and reduced our costs substantially.

Tom Noble


Offloading coal and limestone from barges


25 yd³ / 19 m³ Clamshell Grab

Duty cycle capacity

Lift capacity

30 UStons/ 27 Mtons


LeRoy, Alabama, USA


Barge Mounted

Power source

600-hp / 450 kW Electric Motor


86.6 ft / 26,4 m


2000 Series / 18264 PD-E

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