Kinder Morgan

Description of the E-Crane

Kinder Morgan needed a state-of-the-art material handler to unload incoming scrap from barges for the new SeverCorr Steel Mill, a state-of-the-art, “next-generation” facility being built in Columbus, MS about eight miles from the Tennessee-Tombigbee waterway.

Kinder Morgan transfers scrap and other materials from barges onto trucks for transport to the nearby SeverCorr facility. “Initially we sat down with the E-Crane® people and suppliers of other components for our new facility and brainstormed design and construction possibilities. As far as the E-Crane® machine is concerned, we told them what we wanted to accomplish and they designed a crane specifically to meet our needs. Our new E-Crane® can easily handle present loads with no problem and it gives us extra capacity for growth down the road”, said Ruff.

Our Customers Say

We looked carefully at several manufacturers’ equipment, considering each machine from the standpoint of design, construction, reputation, service life and overall operating efficiency and economy, as well as parts and service backup. E-Crane® wasn’t a difficult choice. We’ve had previous experience operating a similar model E-Crane® at an installation in Venezuela for five years now, and it has performed as expected.

Thomas Ruff


Unloading Pig Iron from Barges to Trucks


7.19 yd³ / 5,5 m³ Scrap Grab
4 yd³ / 3 m³ Clamshell Grab Magnet

Duty cycle capacity

Lift capacity

18.2 UStons / 16,5 Mtons


Mississippi, USA


High Portal on Rail Lower

Power source

300-hp / 225 kW Electric Motor


86 ft / 26,4 m


1500 Series / 11264plus B GA-E

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