Harsco Metals – Carinox

Carinox Steelmill, Charleroi, Belgium

Technical Specifications

Type 1000 Series / 7382 B GA-E
Location Carinox Steelmill
Charleroi, Belgium
Application Unloading Barges and Railcars,
Feeding 150 m³ Scrap Baskets
Mount High Portal on Rail Lower
Lift Capacity 11 UStons/10 Mtons
Reach 125.5 ft/38,2 m
Attachment 5.2 yd³ / 4 m³ Orange Peel Grab
Power Source 250-hp/200 kW Electric Motor

Description of the E-Crane

For Harsco Metals’ scrap management project at Arcelor’s new stainless steel mill, two 1000 Series E-Cranes have been working simultaneously at the Ugine & ALZ Carinox site since 2005.

A 24/24 – 7/7 hour operation of the scrap yard is required to satisfy the melt shop’s scrap requirements. E-Crane® Worldwide has a 24/7/365 maintenance and service contract for the E-Cranes on the Carinox site.

On July 4th 2007, a third 1000 Series E-Crane® was succesfully installed and is since assisting both in unloading inbound scrap and filling the scrap baskets for the mill.

This third E-Crane® rung in the final phase of significant investments to provide efficient and comprehensive scrap handling and helps the steel mill to obtain its design capacity of one million tons of stainless steel per year.

For E-Crane®, the delivery of the third crane to Harsco Metals clearly shows the dedication and commitment to provide innovative solutions to the scrap handling industry. According to Mr. Lieven Bauwens, Executive Director of E-Crane® Worldwide: “This crane also highlights how E-Crane’s commitment to quality combined with state-of-the-art technology helps to create and sustain growth for E-Crane® and E-Crane® customers worldwide.”

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