Cargill Schelde-Natie

Port of Antwerp, Belgium

Description of the E-Crane

Schelde-Natie realized a new offloading project in the port of Antwerp in cooperation with Cargill. The goal is to discharge 575,000 tons of oilseeds per year.

In order to achieve this goal, Schelde-Natie replaced an existing grain elevator with an Equilibrium crane to offload vessels and a “bulk-flow” system to discharge rail cars. After careful study of the options and excellent references for the E-Crane®, Schelde-Natie contacted E-Crane®. Another plus for E-Crane® is the fact that two E-Cranes are operating successfully since September 2000 at the Cargill Minnesota and Houston Plants.

Our main reason for implementing the E-Crane®, is the enourmous savings on energy and maintenance costs. Also the life span is a large plus in comparison with the competitors. Moreover the E-Crane® generates far less noise than the previous setup.

Mr. van RaemdonckManagerSchelde-Natie

“Pre-study, engineering and implementation succeeded each other seamlessly.” Mr. van Raemdonck concluded with the meaningful word: “Professional!”

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