Cargill Savage E-Crane™ Commissionned

Cargill Savage E-Crane™ Commissionned

On September 28, 2000 we officially commissioned the E-Crane ! Cargill organized a nice ceremony and invited approximately 45 employees. Probably 25 attended. Representing our organization were : Mike Pregont, Tom Ellis, Chuck Dixon, Steve Suter, Jean-Marie Verschoore and Mark Osborne.

Ricky Carlson was the MC (Master of Ceremony) and he introduced the ECI and C&M people, discussed the process of purchasing the crane, explained the reasons for the purchase and thanked the erection team for doing a nice job. ECI got to address the group and we told the Cargill people we are proud to be a part of improving the productivity of their Port Cargill Facility and also proud to be associated with a company such as Cargill.

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